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OSHA Projections for 2020

In the year of 2019, research was conducted to determine if employer inspections reached safety standards in the workplace. The safety inspections consisted of workplace safety compliance assistance programs that sustained the current safety standards. In response, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced its agenda for 2020.

Workplace Violence Panel

In January, OSHA will address concerns over the recently passed bill regarding new safety standards in the workplace. These new regulations will factor around workplace violence in health care and social services.

Stair Rail Safety Update

The current plans for the month of April include new guidelines for walking and working surfaces. Specifically, this will address the safety of stair rail systems. These new guidelines are imperative due to the fact that the current safety standards in stair rail systems are unclear and outdated.

Heavy Machinery Standards

Changes to construction standards for cranes and derricks will be addressed in May, along with standards for industrial trucks. The amendments will confront concerns over powerline voltages and make alterations to the current phrases in heavy machinery guidelines. This includes expanding restrictions on forklifts that carry loads. The wording will change from “wince or hook” to a “winch and boom” to make clearer rules that involve the use of cranes.

The standards for industrial trucks will be updated to include eight new types of trucks developed since the last update in 1969, as well as other safe usage suggestions from the industry.

Crystalline Silica Rule

In June, OSHA plans to release a proposal for an expansion of the rules that regard occupational exposure to crystalline silica. The proposed rule will apply to construction industry safety standards and general industries that use the toxic quartz dust.

Additional Rule Updates

OSHA will also review industry comments that apply to lockout/tagout and powered industrial truck regulations. This is meant to align rules with recent technology innovations. OSHA also plans to revise rules for communication tower safety, welding in confined spaces, and jobsite exposure to beryllium and beryllium compounds in construction and shipyards. OSHA will also review the Hazard Communication Standard.

Preliminary Rules in 2020

Some items will enter the initial planning stages in 2020. These include plans for a panel discussion in August regarding the development of emergency response rules. In July, a commencement will be held to review information involving outdated mechanical power presses. Plans in September will include an advanced notice of proposed rulemaking. This is in response to findings of blood lead level tests; changing the standards of medical removal procedures will also be implemented. In late 2020, proposals for post-incident drug testing, safety incentive programs, and the use of personal protective equipment in construction will be applied.

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