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Workplace Accidents Archives

The difference between minor and major work injuries

It should come as no surprise that workplace injuries happen every day. In fact, if every workplace injury was recorded, most of us would probably be pretty shocked with the numbers. Fortunately, many workplace injuries are very minor and do not result in a worker's compensation claim. However, it is important for employees to understand that even seemingly minor injuries may eventually become a problem. And, following the proper steps after injury, even minor ones, can make all the difference in a workers compensation claim.

Off the clock injuries

Generally speaking, you are eligible for workers' compensation if you are injured in the workplace while performing duties related to your employment. These duties typically include anything within the scope of your employment and while you are on the clock. Although this time represents the majority of injuries in the workplace, occasionally injuries can be caused while off the clock. If you have been injured while off the clock, you may have questions regarding workers' compensation coverage. Working with an experienced workers' compensation attorney can help you find the answers you need and receive the compensation you deserve.

Helping you maximize your compensation after an injury

When you have been hurt as a result of doing your job, you may not know what options are available to you for compensation. Sometimes, your employer and your insurance company may not be as forthcoming, or as clear as you would like on the matter either. When you're lost in a sea of paperwork during a time where rest is vital to recovery, you need help from someone who knows not only every avenue on which to pursue remuneration, but also knows what steps you need to take in order to minimize the obstacles that those facing financial repercussions may hurdle into your path.

Backhoe workers were instructed to be on live train track

Wires get crossed, and that may be the best explanation Amtrak can give to the families and loved ones of the two workers struck when an Amtrak passenger train and a backhoe crossed paths earlier this month. An explanation it may be, but a consolation, it is not.

Worker falls to death from scaffolding

When your loved one doesn't come home because they weren't protected from predictable dangers on the job, the reality is anything but predictable. Even when you know that the nature of industrial work and construction work is inherently dangerous, you would expect reasonable precautions were taken to protect every human life.

Women at greater risk for some types of workplace accidents

The same federal and state laws and regulations protect both male and female workers in Pennsylvania. However, statistically, women are at a greater risk for sustaining injuries in some types of work accidents. If you find this work accident-related information surprising, continue reading for more details.

OSHA violations and scaffolding fall result in criminal charges

When workers are injured in workplace accidents, the most common result is a workers’ compensation claim filed with the employer. Generally, workers’ compensation benefits are the sole remedy an employee has when they are injured in a work accident, but there are situations when other remedies might exist.

Are all workplace accidents covered by workers’ compensation?

Workers' compensation in Pennsylvania was enacted to make it easier for individuals injured in workplace accidents to receive the medical treatment they need. The law requires that almost every employer must cover employees through the purchase of an insurance policy or by being self-insured.

Construction hazards can take many forms

It is an unfortunate reality that workers on construction sites are subject to many kinds of threats to their safety, their health, and sometimes even their lives. The threats can come from sources of simple as hand tools or as complex as construction vehicles, hazardous materials, falling objects, scaffolding collapses and much more. It is the function of Pennsylvania workers' compensation to provide income replacement and medical expense compensation benefits to workers whose injuries qualify as being job-related.

Workplace accidents and claims against third parties

As a general rule, if you are injured in an accident on the job in Pennsylvania, you are entitled to submit a claim under workers’ compensation. The law requires most employers in the state to provide benefits, including lost wages and medical treatment for their employees who are the victims of a ladder fall, falling debris and other workplace accidents.

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