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Roofers have one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Roofs that require work are often unsafe; they may have missing or damaged shingles, which can cause roofers to lose their footing and fall. Also, roofing contractors may fail to provide workers with a legally mandated safe and healthy work environment. As such, roofers are at high risk of sustaining serious and even fatal injuries on the job.

Common Roofing Injuries

There are almost 100,000 roofing contractors in the United States, that by law must protect their workers from known hazards of the job. However, sometimes employers do not follow federal and state safety protocols, and consequently their workers suffer injuries.

Roofing contractors are most frequently cited by OSHA for failure to have fall protection, ladder safety, and fall protection training. Some of the most common injuries roofers suffer include:

Roofers and Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Benefits

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), falls are the number one cause of death in the construction industry. Of the 3,500 fatalities from falls between 2003 and 2013, falls from roofs accounted for approximately 1,200 – 34 percent.

OSHA cites many hazards of the job, including ladders, power tools, electricity, noise, hazardous substances and extreme weather.

When roofers are injured or killed on the job, they or their surviving family members may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Work Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia

Nearly every Pennsylvania worker is covered by the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, which provides medical expenses, wage loss compensation, and other benefits in the event of a work-related injury or death. It is important to take certain steps to ensure your benefits are not delayed or denied.

After the accident, see a doctor immediately, and follow up on any instructions the doctor gives you. Keep all paperwork, whether from your doctor, insurance company or employer - as well as copies of any paperwork you submit. For compensation to be allowed, Pennsylvania workers must give notice to their employers no later than 120 days from the date of injury.

The Workers’ Compensation process is complex, and you will benefit from being represented by an experienced attorney. If you do not have a skilled attorney on your side, chances are any offers you receive will not reflect the maximum amount of benefits you deserve. Attorney Jeffrey S. Gross is a certified Workers’ Compensation specialist, and has been helping injured clients fight for their legal rights since 1991. At Gross & Kenny, LLP, we fight to ensure that you receive the appropriate benefits and the right amount of compensation for your injuries.


Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers of Gross & Kenny, LLP Help Roofers Get Maximum Benefits for Their Injuries

The Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyers of Gross & Kenny, LLP have decades of experience, and our firm exclusively handles Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation claims. If you were injured on the job, or your loved one was involved in a fatal workplace accident, call 267-589-0090 today, or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation in our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania office. We serve injured roofers throughout the state.

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A Message to Our Clients About Coronavirus COVID-19:

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