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Heavy Equipment Accidents

Many industries use heavy equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, cranes, and front-end loaders as part of their daily operations. Construction, oil and gas, mining, and farm workers are just some of the people using or working in close proximity to heavy equipment. Unfortunately, each year thousands of workers are injured in accidents related to the use of heavy equipment, and these accidents account for many of the struck-by and caught in/between accidents reported in federal and state statistics.

Causes of Heavy Equipment Accidents

Employers have a responsibility to maintain the safety of both the workers operating and working near heavy equipment. Heavy equipment accidents can result from:

  • Failure to provide proper training. These machines are highly technical, sometimes requiring extensive training. Heavy equipment should also be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and OSHA standards. Failure to do so can result in serious accidents. Training should also be ongoing with refresher courses and training for newly acquired equipment.
  • Failure to maintain and regularly inspect equipment. Proper safety guards should be in place for any heavy equipment being used, where applicable. The many moving parts of powerful machinery require attention and maintenance to ensure that no workers suffer injuries from operating equipment in poor working condition.
  • Improperly balanced loads. Cranes, front-end loaders, and trucks can easily tip or rollover if the load they are carrying is not properly balanced, causing serious injuries to the operator and/or surrounding workers. Hitting an object can also cause heavy equipment to overturn.
  • Improperly secured loads. Loads that are not secure can fall and injure workers.
  • Slip and falls when mounting or dismounting machinery. Following safety procedures can reduce risk of falling from machinery.
  • Poor communication between equipment operators and workers on the ground. Collisions and back-up accidents injure many workers every year. All moving equipment on a worksite should have back-up signals and the areas of operation should be clearly marked off. Both equipment operators and those on the ground should be aware of vehicle blind spots.

Injuries Associated With Heavy Machinery Accidents

Injuries from heavy equipment accidents can be serious, resulting in long hospital stays for recovery and rehabilitation. Some common injuries include:

The massive weight of these machines means that some accidents result in instant fatalities.

Workers’ Compensation benefits are available to those injured by heavy equipment while on the job, and death benefits can help the families of workers who suffer a fatal injury. An experienced Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyer can help you determine if you are eligible for wage loss benefits, medical benefits including hospital treatment, prescription medications, and prostheses. You may also be compensated for serious disfigurement and loss of limb if applicable to your case. If defective equipment caused your injuries, a third-party claim may help you recover additional compensation.

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