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Elbow Injuries at Work

Philadelphia Workers' Compensation lawyers assist workers who suffer elbow injuries.Anyone can sustain an elbow injury at work. They are most common among workers who perform repetitive tasks such as work on assembly lines and in factories. Other workers who perform manual labor jobs can also be prone to injuries to the elbow. Elbow injuries are also common among weight-lifters and athletes.

Elbow injuries can be very painful, and workers may have to miss work hours as a result of an elbow injury. These injuries can be treated with physical therapy, medicine for pain management, or in worst-case scenarios surgery could be required.

Some injuries are more minor and could just require ice to reduce inflammation, along with some rest from the activity that likely caused the injury.

Lifestyle Habits That Contribute to the Likelihood of Elbow Injuries

Workers who regularly perform repetitive work can make lifestyle changes to reduce the likelihood of injury to the elbow.

Some things that increase the chances of injuring your elbow are:

  • Consistent Fatigue: If workers consistently do not get an adequate amount of sleep every night, this can make elbow injuries more likely.
  • Inflammation: Inflammation in the body can increase with a diet that is high in sugar and fat. Healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits and low-fat meats can help reduce the amount of inflammation in the body.
  • Poor Fitness: If workers are mostly sedentary during their non-work hours, this can contribute to their risk of disease and injury. Walking or doing about fifteen to thirty minutes of exercise every day can make joints less prone to injury.
  • Poor Nutrition: Eating good food that has nutritious calories as opposed to empty calories can keep the body healthier on the whole. Consuming tobacco can also increase a worker’s chances of getting hurt at work, since it contains toxins that alter the body’s ability to fight off injuries or infection.
  • Dehydration: Muscles are most healthy when they are properly hydrated. Dehydration can cause muscle fatigue, strain, or tendonitis, and contribute to the risk of injury. It is important to hydrate with the right drinks, such as water and other drinks that are low in sugar or sugar substitutes. Drinks like coffee and soda do not serve to adequately hydrate the body.

Additional Precautions

Additionally, if workers perform some warm up exercises of the elbow, this can reduce the possibility of injury.

Warm up exercises of the elbow such as keeping the arm straight, making a fist, and holding the fist at a ninety-degree angle with the other hand for approximately twenty seconds, can be a good stretch for the elbow before an activity that puts strain on it. This exercise can be repeated a few times for maximum effect.

Workers can also request ergonomically correct work spaces to reduce the possibility of injury. Workers with job-related elbow injuries may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation under state Workers’ Compensation laws.

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers of Gross & Kenny, LLP Assist Workers Who Suffer Elbow Injuries

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