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What Can I Do If I Suffer a Knee Injury at Work?

Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers fight for workers suffering knee injuries on the job.After back injuries, knee injuries are the most common type of bodily injury leading to employees taking time off work. While most knee issues relate to muscle or tendon sprains and strains, more severe knee injuries may involve fractures or torn ligaments or cartilage. These severe knee injuries may require surgery. A serious knee problem can keep a worker off the job for weeks or months, and some employees with bad knees may never resume their former position after an injury.

Jobs with Prevalent Knee Injuries

Not only is the knee the largest joint in the body, but it is also the major load-bearing joint. While anyone may suffer a knee injury, the ailment happens more frequently in occupations where workers spend much of their time on their feet, which include:

How Knee Injuries Occur

Most knee injuries occur due to a slip and fall accident, but falls are not the only cause of knee issues. Knees are also vulnerable when performing repetitive motions, making odd turns or stops, or when hitting a hard surface. Too many people exacerbate their knee injuries by trying to tough it out rather than seek prompt medical attention. Ignoring a knee injury or trying to self-medicate with large amounts of over-the-counter painkillers can lead to serious joint problems. It is especially critical to go to the doctor or the emergency room if the knee injury happens at work. Let your health care provider know the injury is work-related and report it to your employer as soon as possible.

Once you have your doctor’s orders, follow them; that includes going to physical therapy, if recommended. If you do not follow the medical treatment plan or skip going to physical therapy, your employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurer may try to stop your benefits or cut them back.

Knee Injury Prevention

There are ways employees can lower their risk of experiencing knee injuries while  on the job. Avoid potential falls by wearing the appropriate footwear while on the jobsite. In winter, stay away from icy surfaces as much as possible and walk very carefully in any slippery areas.

Do not jump from any heights, including off ladders, forklifts, or other machinery. If the work includes kneeling, make sure to wear knee pads to protect yourself. Rather than twist and stress the knees, move your feet if you must face another direction.

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Gross & Kenny, LLP Fight for Workers Suffering Knee Injuries on the Job

If you or a loved one suffered a knee injury at work, you need the services of the experienced Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Gross & Kenny, LLP. We have the skills and experience to obtain the compensation you deserve. For a free consultation, please complete our online form or call us at 215-512-1500 today. Located in Philadelphia, we serve clients throughout Pennsylvania.