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Workers at Risk for Body Vibrations

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyer fight for those at risk for body vibrations.Workers in certain occupations are exposed to vibrations, which may cause pain, numbness, nerve and tissue damage, and collapse of blood vessels. It is important to understand the occupational risk factors of vibration to prevent injury and permanent harm. Hand-arm vibration syndrome is a collective term for disorders that affect nerves, blood vessels, and muscles and bones of the hand-arm system. Using the following power tools can put workers at risk for hand-arm vibration syndrome:

  • Chain saws
  • Grinders
  • Drills
  • Riveters and jackhammers

Numbness may be the first sign of damage. Prolonged exposure to hand-arm vibration may cause Raynaud’s syndrome, an irreversible condition where the blood vessels collapse, and the grip is severely weakened.

It is possible to mitigate the effects of vibration from power tools by following these tips:

  • Take a 10 to 15-minute break each hour
  • Keep hands warm and dry
  • Grip tools lightly
  • Alternate between vibrating and non-vibrating tools
  • Keep tools in proper working order and use vibration isolators

Truck drivers, farmers, and ship crew may be subject to whole-body vibration if they are sitting while they are working. When trucks, tractors, and ships traverse uneven terrain or choppy waves, the operator’s pelvis and spine are subjected to mechanical vibrations. The result may be lower back pain, as well as muscle or tissue damage after years of persistent exposure. The effects of whole-body vibration can be mitigated by air-ride seats, active seat suspension systems, and sensors embedded in seats to cancel out the effects of external forces.

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