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Job Fit and Older Worker Health

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyers advocate for the health of the older worker.Many factors affect worker health, including job fit. A recent study found a direct correlation between job fit and chronic health problems, such as heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure among workers aged 51 years and older. The seven-year study analyzed the health of more than 350 workers in construction, business, finance, engineering, and transportation.

Specific findings include the following:

  • Overall health is better when a worker’s abilities and job demands are both relatively high
  • If employers provide enough resources to meet job demands, older workers are capable of handling highly complex jobs
  • Workers experience chronic health problems when job demands exceed abilities
  • Workers are more likely to retire earlier if the demands of their job are much greater than their abilities

The results of the study suggest that employers may be able to boost worker productivity and retain workers longer if they examine the fit between job demands and worker ability. Given the number of baby boomers reaching retirement age and the rising cost of health care, taking the time to examine job fit could result in significant savings in the workplace.

It is critical for all workers to be aware of the hazards in the workplace, as well as their company’s procedures for reporting accidents. This is especially true for older workers who face a higher risk of developing chronic health conditions. Some employers are cognizant about safety and worker health, while others are less vigilant and may even be skeptical that an injury on the job is truly work-related. It is important for workers to maintain health records and carefully document any injury they suffer at work.

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