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Welcome To Gross & Kenny, LLP

Philadelphia Workers' Compensation Law Firm

If you or somebody you care about has sustained a workplace injury, you should be entitled to full workers’ compensation benefits to help you pay for your medical expenses and replace your lost wages. This should not be up for debate. In these situations, you deserve to have an attorney by your side who has the resources and legal expertise necessary to obtain maximum benefits on your behalf and ensure that you receive the proper medical care from a doctor of your choosing. At Gross & Kenny, LLP, we are standing by to handle your work injury claim. We regularly assist clients in and around Philadelphia, including Montgomery County, Bucks County, Chester County, and Delaware County.

Workers' Compensation

Our firm handles every type of worker’ compensation claim in Philadelphia. Our attorneys will help you file your initial claim on time. We will also help you handle any appeal should your workers’ compensation claim in Philadelphia be rejected by your employer or the insurance carrier.

Injured Workers

Workers from all walks of life and from all industries can suffer from injuries or come down with debilitating illnesses as a result of their job-related duties. At Gross & Kenny, LLP, we help Injured workers in all industries throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Work-Related Injuries

Nearly all types of injuries and illnesses related to the workplace can be compensated under Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation laws. This includes traumatic injuries, repetitive stress injuries, internal illnesses, occupational diseases, and more. At Gross & Kenny, LLP, we have experience helping injured workers who have sustained minor, moderate, and severe injuries.

Workplace Accidents

Workplace accidents occur in a variety of ways in Philadelphia. It does not matter what type of industry you work in – you could sustain an injury due to an on-the-job accident. At Gross & Kenny, LLP, our team has experience conducting investigations into all types of workplace injury cases, and we understand what it takes to obtain the evidence needed to prove liability to ensure you recover the compensation you deserve.

Types of Compensation

The team at Gross & Kenny, LLP has a track record of success obtaining full compensation for injured workers. Under Pennsylvania law, workers injured on the job are entitled to various types of compensation for their injuries. This can include:

  • Coverage of their medical bills
  • Disfigurement benefits
  • Permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits
  • Temporary total disability (TTD) benefits
  • Wage loss benefits
  • Death benefits

Our attorneys will fully examine your case and help determine which benefits you are entitled to and help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation available for your case.

Gross & Kenny, LLP's History Of Success

Gross & Kenny, LLP was founded in order to concentrate solely on workers’ compensation matters. This is our passion. We understand that injured workers are often left out in the cold when it comes to securing compensation for their injuries and lost wages. Our team has obtained significant awards and settlements.

Awards & Affiliations

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Not Slowed Gross & Kenny, LLP

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our way of life in the US for more than a year. However, workers’ compensation claims in Philadelphia have largely been unaffected by the pandemic, and all hearings, mediations, and depositions are being conducted remotely by Business Skype and Microsoft Teams. The attorneys at Gross & Kenny, LLP have continued to help clients with their workers’ compensation claims in this area.

Just like the rest of the country, we have changed the way we conduct our day-to-day operations. Our law firm has shifted towards conducting teleconferences instead of in-person meetings with clients. We have even worked to secure telemedicine appointments for our clients who are concerned about in-person appointments with the treating doctors, which also include televised physical therapy to assist with their recovery. Our goal has always been to meet our clients’ needs, and we will continue to do so regardless of whether or not there is a global pandemic.

Injured At Work?

Chances are you have been told that you don’t really need a lawyer to get compensation benefits. Unfortunately, relying on your employer to do the right thing could mean not receiving the full benefits you deserve or being forced to go back to work before you are ready.

Claim Denied?

Existing benefits being challenged? Call 215-512-1500 for a free, confidential consultation with an experienced Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyer.

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We gladly accept and pay Workers’ Compensation referrals. Don’t delay, call the Law Offices of Gross & Kenny, LLP today at 215-512-1500 or contact us online.

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If you or somebody you love has sustained a workplace injury and are struggling to obtain compensation for your medical bills and lost wages, contact an attorney at Gross & Kenny, LLP for help with your case immediately. We will not hesitate to step in on your behalf. Our team has extensive resources and the legal expertise necessary to ensure that you are properly cared for. We are not afraid to stand up to aggressive insurance carriers or employers to ensure that you receive the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve. You can contact our Philadelphia work injury lawyers for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 215-512-1500. Our team has the resources to help anyone around Montgomery County, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, and Philadelphia County.