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Philadelphia Work Injury Lawyer

Six people were killed and more than a dozen injured during the demolition of a City Center building in Philadelphia this past summer. After an investigation revealed that inadequate safety measures were used by construction crews, city officials rushed to overhaul construction safety measures for all demolition projects in the Pennsylvania city. It is anticipated that the 71 recommendations will provide higher levels of safety for workers and reduce work related injuries.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than three million people suffer from injuries in the workplace each year, entitling them to Workers’ Compensation benefits for their losses. Many of the injuries are preventable, either by workers or by employers. Education about work injuries is a key to prevention and Philadelphia workers should be aware of common causes.

Top causes of work-related injuries

Construction site injuries and deaths are quite common and, according to the Risk & Insurance digital magazine, a higher proportion of women face more risks than their male counterparts in the construction field. The construction industry is not the only place dangers abound, however. According to numerous top insurance companies around the nation, some of the most common causes of work injuries include the following:

  • Overexertion: Overexertion is the number one cause of work related injuries. For example, lifting, pulling or pushing a large object can easily cause a back, neck or arm injury. Knowing one’s limits and using proper lifting and carrying techniques can greatly reduce the chance of this type of injury.
  • Repetitive movements: Performing the same task over and over again can lead to a repetitive stress injury. The Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act provides benefits for employees who suffer compensable losses from the cumulative effects of repetitive movements.
  • Trips, slips and falls: While slips and trips are the number two causes of work-related injuries, falls and near-falls – when workers catch themselves before falling down – cause muscle tears, sprains and other body traumas that can be quite serious.
  • Falling and stationery objects: Just as objects falling on workers can be quite dangerous, walking or running into items – such as closed doors, walls, tables or chairs – can cause debilitating injuries. Proper use of safety equipment and awareness of one’s surroundings can help workers avoid these types of injuries.
  • Machinery and motor vehicle accidents: Clothing, fingers or hair can easily become entangled in equipments, causing grave injuries and death. If driving a forklift, truck or other heavy piece of equipment is a part of an employee’s job description, safe operating skills must be continually promoted and used to avoid accidents.
  • Workplace violence: Surprisingly, violent acts in the workplace make the list of top causes of employee injuries. Scuffles between co-workers or employees and managers can lead to serious injuries. Proper training and watching for suspicious activities can go a long way to prevent these incidents.

Seek legal assistance

If you or someone you know is injured in the workplace, an experienced Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation attorney can help. A lawyer knowledgeable about work comp claims, entitlement to benefits and appealing denied claims can help guide an injured employee through the benefit process. Contact us online or call 1-215-512-1500.