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Workers Compensation

Are You Working Like an Employee but Given Independent Contractor Status?

If so, your boss may be taking advantage of your time while avoiding the costs associated with an employee. Since the recession in 2008, companies have increasingly sought to use independent contractors to cover their labor instead of hiring employees. From painters to office assistants, companies seek to avoid taxes, paperwork, and liability by classifying >> Read More

Dangers of Working with Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde continues to be a frequently needed chemical in many workplaces, plants, and manufacturers around Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation. In fact, formaldehyde has many uses for modern consumers and commercial enterprises. At the same time, formaldehyde should be considered potentially dangerous to workers consistently around the substance. In fact, the Occupational Safety >> Read More

Why Does Safety Matter in Construction?

Construction work is responsible for a high percentage of industrial fatalities in the U.S. every year. Injuries abound across the board on expansive commercial projects and small, one-person job sites. On big jobs with a full-time safety manager on duty, accidents still happen. In other cases, construction workers on smaller jobs may work alone, which >> Read More

Proper Fall Protection Equipment Needed for Workers

Workers who perform their jobs at high elevations find themselves in hazardous situations. Using appropriate fall protection equipment is a standard safety requirement. Although this gear is designed to stop falls, it does not always function correctly for post-fall situations. A worker who falls may be stuck hanging in a harness for a while until >> Read More

Oil and gas sites can pose air quality risks for workers

Pennsylvania is one of the states in the U.S. that has benefited from the resurgence of oil and natural gas production. But as is sometimes the case, the development of natural resources, particularly fossil fuels, can be a mixed blessing, especially for the workers at oil and natural gas fields. According to a recently-completed study >> Read More