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Dramatic Rise in Positive Drug Tests

Between 2015 and 2017, in five of the sixteen major United States workforce industry sectors, the rate of positive drug tests rose dramatically, according to a recent report. The data, which was drawn from over ten million urine drug tests administered throughout that period, showed that the largest increase – a whopping 21.4 percent – » Read More

Struck-By Accident Avoidance

Being struck-by an object is one of the leading causes of fatalities in the construction industry today. In addition to workers taking precautions to avoid such accidents, employers have a responsibility to ensure critical safety practices are in place to protect workers from these potentially deadly risks. There are common prevention methods employers should take » Read More

How to Prevent Hand and Finger Injuries While on the Job

When you think of serious injuries that can occur in the workplace, you probably do not think of hand or finger injuries. However, cuts, lacerations, burns and the like can be quite severe and not as infrequent as you may think. They can be extremely painful, debilitating, and expensive. Physical Impact According to a U.S. » Read More

AMA Impairment Rating Guidelines

Workers’ Compensation was conceived as a system that balanced the needs of employees and employers. But many have criticized the system for shifting the balance closer nearly every year to the needs of employers, rather than for injured workers. A new law passed by Pennsylvania’s legislature and signed by Gov. Wolf some consider along this » Read More

Winter Electrical Safety Tips

Whether you are on the job or at home, electrical safety must always be taken seriously. With the number of potentially dangerous pieces of equipment we use on a daily basis, it is easy to ignore warnings and fall behind on the standards required to keep all equipment safe and in good shape. The following » Read More

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