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If you have suffered a work-related injury in Philadelphia that has rendered you unable to perform your assigned duties, know that there are options. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system that aims to help those who have been injured on the job. Injuries that qualify for it range from carpal tunnel to traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) and amputations. A seasoned Philadelphia amputation lawyer from Gross & Kenny, LLP is here to help you secure the compenstion you need for your losses.

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Our highly skilled Philadelphia amputation attorneys have successfully advocated for individuals who have suffered an amputation or the loss of a limb due to their work. The reason for loss of limb injuries varies from industry to industry, but we have successfully litigated for clients in the following workplaces and industries:

Agricultural Workers

Individuals in the agricultural industry are at risk for amputations as well. Roller mills, tractors, and other heavy machines used for planting and harvesting put workers at risk of amputation.

Construction Workers

Workers in the construction industry are by far the most at risk for loss of limb injuries. Cranes, scaffolding, and various power tools such as drills and jackhammers can crush or cut any digits or limbs that get in their way.

Factory Workers

Individuals who work on the line may be at risk of degloving injuries. Degloving injuries generally occur when a worker gets too close to an unprotected or poorly guarded nip or pinch point. These injuries are catastrophic and can lead to the loss of fingers or the hand itself.

Forklift Operators

Even certified forklift operators run the risk of injuries. Forklifts, which usually weigh around 9000 pounds, can tip over easily if not handled properly, pinning or crushing anything close to it.


Those who work with weed whackers, industrial-sized lawnmowers, and electric hedge trimmers are at risk of serious injuries that may put them out of work permanently. Luckily, workers’ compensation benefits are available to protect workers in this field.

Meatpacking Industry

Individuals who work in butcher shops or the meatpacking industry, in general, are at a higher risk of amputation, specifically of the fingers or hands. The sharp and heavy machines that are integral to slicing and packaging meat pose hazards for hand injuries to workers.

Truck Drivers

Truck drivers, with their long hours spent on the road and time spent moving heavy cargo, are at a high risk of injury. Things like truck accidents or the shifting weight of cargo when loading and unloading can lead to loss of limb injuries.

How a Philadelphia Amputation Injury Attorney Helps

Most employers in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Thus, if you have sustained an amputation injury in Bustleton or South Philadelphia as a result of a work-related accident, you can seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other such losses by filing a claim to recover workers’ compensation benefits.

Strongly consider enlisting the help of a legal professional who has experience handling cases like yours before taking action. Our Philadelphia amputation attorneys can optimize your chances of recovering the full amount of compensation you are owed.

Investigating Your Accident

You’re eligible to recover workers’ compensation benefits if you were legitimately operating within the scope of your employment when you were injured. Depending on the circumstances, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier might attempt to avoid paying you by denying your claim on the basis that you haven’t shown your accident happened when you were genuinely on the job.

It might thus be necessary to investigate your accident and gather documentation showing that you were in fact operating as an employee when you were injured. Our amputation attorneys have the resources necessary to conduct this type of investigation in Philadelphia on your behalf.

Determining How Much Compensation You Deserve

An amputation injury will have a permanent impact on your ability to earn an income. Your injury might also leave you in need of ongoing medical care.

You deserve to be compensated accordingly. However, because an insurance company is still a profit-driven business, you cannot expect the insurer to do the work of calculating just how much compensation you may be eligible to recover.

Our Philadelphia amputation attorneys will carefully review the extent of your compensable losses and damages to determine what you are owed. Although we can’t promise that you will receive a specific sum of money, as this is the type of guarantee no ethical attorney can make, we can apply our expertise to estimate what would constitute a fair settlement based on your past, current, and future losses.


Again, we can’t guarantee you’re going to settle for an exact sum when your case is finally resolved. That said, in a Bustleton amputation injury case, a claim may be worth a large amount of money.

This means that you can expect your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier to attempt to convince you to settle for less than you are owed. An insurance company may put up a lengthy fight in an effort to avoid offering a fair settlement.

A qualified Philadelphia amputation attorney will understand that securing proper compensation may require aggressive negotiating. We will reject unreasonably low settlement offers and craft a strong argument demonstrating why you are eligible to recover more compensation than the insurance company may be offering.

Allowing our South Philadelphia amputation attorneys to handle your case also gives you more time to focus on your recovery. This is very important after sustaining an injury that could have a major impact on your quality of life.

Moving on After a Catastrophic Injury

Individuals who have sustained injuries at work that have resulted in the partial or full amputation of a limb should be aware of their options. While it is no doubt an uncertain time for an individual, they should know that benefits exist. Workers’ compensation can help individuals with catastrophic injuries collect the compensation they and their families need.

Schedule a Consultation With a Philadelphia Amputation Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered from a catastrophic injury at work that has resulted in the loss of a limb, contact our Philadelphia amputation lawyers of Gross & Kenny, LLP. Our highly skilled and compassionate legal team will help you file for the benefits you and your family deserve. Furthermore, our resolute lawyers will work to appeal your claim should it be denied the first time, allowing you to focus on your recovery. Do not hesitate. Contact us online to schedule your free consultation with our legal team. Attorneys Jeffrey S. Gross and Patrick W. Kenny provide legal counsel for individuals in the greater Philadelphia area, Bustleton, and South Philadelphia.

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