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New Protocol Encourages Alternative Pain Management for Injured Employees

Each year, many employees must cope with chronic pain after suffering a workplace injury. Previous pain protocols involved the use of doctor-prescribed opioids. However, these drugs are commonly abused and may lead to extreme addiction. Recently, the Joint Commission issued a new pain protocol that works to eliminate addiction in victims of work injuries. The » Read More

Dangers of Radiofrequency Radiation

One of the hazards raising concern in the construction industry is radiofrequency (RF) radiation. Most of the public do not encounter enough radiation to be in danger. However, construction workers who come within the danger zone of radio, television, and wireless towers can absorb the radiation at dangerous levels. Working on rooftops, on the side » Read More

Outdoor Workplace Safety Tips – Infographic

Spring is in the air. The days are getting longer, and the weather is getting warmer. Before long, summer will be here. While this can be a welcomed escape from the bitter, cold winter weather, it can be a dangerous time for construction workers, landscapers, farmers, and other employees who work outdoors. Working outside in » Read More

Can I Go on Vacation While Collecting Workers’ Compensation?

The summer season is quickly approaching, which means that school is almost out, the weather is improving, and travel season is drawing near. For many people, summer is an opportunity to indulge in a family vacation. However, for those collecting Workers’ Compensation benefits, this dream may be further out of reach. Unfortunately, traveling can be » Read More

Worksite Injuries Climb at Car Factory

California-based electric car manufacturer, Tesla Inc., had big ideas for its first factory. They had an innovative concept of employees and robots working side by side. However, Tesla has been in the news repeatedly for excessively high numbers of workplace injuries. At their Fremont factory, over 22,000 days were logged for missed work in 2018, » Read More

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