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Are You Entitled to Permanent Total Disability?

Please read an article shared by our friends at Cantor Injury Law. The firm focuses its practice on Personal Injury law in Missouri. If you have questions about Personal Injury law in Missouri, you can reach the firm at 314-485-4005 or visit their website. Are You Entitled to Permanent Total Disability? When you are injured » Read More

Technology Solves Skills Gap

Many skilled blue-collar workers possess years of hands-on experience. Their expertise may include the proper operation and maintenance of complex equipment, a keen awareness of safety practices, and the ability to quickly locate the right equipment to do the job. When a skilled worker leaves a manufacturing firm, it can be a huge loss. In » Read More

Occupational Skin Diseases

Occupational skin diseases may be more common than you think. It is proven to be the second most common occupational disease. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) states that hazardous agents that meet someone’s skin can lead to several occupational diseases. The most common type of occupational skin disease is contact dermatitis, » Read More

Advocates Request Heat Standards from OSHA

With the rise in global temperatures, the threat of heat stress and heat-related injuries to workers is becoming more serious by the year. Thousands of employers had to implement their own safety regulations and standards to protect their employees from the hazards of rising temperatures. Recently, the consumer advocacy group, Public Citizen, along with 111 » Read More

Trench Safety Stand Down Week

This year, the annual Trench Safety Stand Down takes place June 17 to 21. The goal is to promote the use of protective systems for trenches at least five inches deep, as well as highlighting potential trenching and excavation dangers. Cave-ins happen in seconds and protective systems can mean the difference between life and death. » Read More

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