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The Importance of PPE and How You Can Motivate Workers to Wear It

Accidents in the workplace happen all the time. They can result in injury, illness, and may even be fatal. Although there is no way to eliminate accidents, many can be prevented. One of the best ways to prevent a workplace injury is with the use of personal protective equipment. Under the Occupational Safety and Health » Read More

Emerging Technologies May Create New Workplace Hazards

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is working to identify new on-the-job hazards resulting from the introduction of emerging technologies in the manufacturing industry. Advanced technologies are expected to have a huge impact on the types of jobs that manufacturing workers do, as well as the hazards to which workers are exposed. » Read More

Railway Company Not Liable for Fatal Accident

In January 2015, an Illinois man that worked for BNSF Railway Company lost his life while driving to work in a snowstorm when his vehicle slid into a snowplow. The man was told to report to work to help clear snow by a supervisor, as a major snowstorm was predicted. Though the man was not » Read More

Autonomous Construction Vehicles on the Rise

Construction workers face numerous dangers on the job. According to statistics, common construction accident injuries or fatalities include getting crushed between objects, being struck by falling objects, and slip and falls. Each of those activities can happen due to human error, which is one of the reasons many people are excited to learn about the » Read More

Randstad Recognized for Worker Safety

For the second time, Randstad North America, the premier global staffing firm, has received the Safety Standard of Excellence mark (SSE). Developed by the American Staffing Association (ASA) and the National Safety Council (NSC), the SSE program focuses on company commitment to worker safety. SSE participants must register for the program. The company then receives » Read More

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