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Am I Entitled to Permanent Partial Disability?

Being hurt on the job is a significant and stress-inducing life experience that regrettably happens to many workers. A job-related injury or illness, no matter how severe, can have both short-term and long-term effects on the individual’s ability to return to work, engage in regular physical and leisure activity, and enjoy normal daily life. Most » Read More

Amazon Shipping Speeds Cause Issues for Workers

For workers at Amazon’s fulfillment centers, coming to work means entering what feels like a marathon. Expected to keep pace by completing orders about every 15 seconds, they often stop taking breaks to avoid getting docked for inadequate performance. In fact, many Amazon employees reported conditions so brutal that they felt the need to quit » Read More

Kitchen Countertops Lead to Worker Illnesses

Many workers who make countertops face lung injuries due to inhaling dust. The dust inhaled by those who cut, grind, and polish countertops contains silica. Inhaling this mineral often leads to silicosis, an untreatable lung disease. Silica damages the lungs when inhaled, leading to a concern of high rates of lung injury cases. According to » Read More

Housekeeping Challenges and Electrical Work

Not surprisingly, accidental contact with energized sources leads to many injuries and death each year. Most of these incidents are avoidable when workers are properly trained and certified to perform tasks around electricity. Even carefully trained personnel must make sure to follow safety procedures, as electricity is unforgiving and serious accidents happen in seconds. While » Read More

What Should I Do If a Co-Worker Suffers a Seizure?

Training sessions on workplace safety procedures are standard practice in many industries, and several employers also offer instructions on basic first aid and CPR. This training, however, may not address what to do if a co-worker suffers a seizure, even though nearly 10 percent of the population will experience a seizure during their lifetime. It » Read More

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