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Protecting Your Family After a Workplace Injury

The fallout from a workplace injury can lead to disastrous consequences. Someone who is making a healthy income can suddenly experience lost wages and unexpected medical expenses, plunging a family into a downward spiral that can lead to fractured relationships, financial ruin, and – in some cases – even homelessness. That’s why being prepared and » Read More

Common Office Injuries and How to Prevent Them

There are many different ways an employee can be injured on the job. In some workplaces, specific injuries occur with greater frequency. For example, construction workers are far more likely to be injured by heavy machinery than workers in other fields. An office can seem like a safe, hazard-free workplace. Though the hazards that manual » Read More

When a Construction Accident Results in a Caught-In Injury

“Caught-in” and “caught-between” construction accidents are among the most dangerous and frightening in the construction industry. That’s why they have been named as part of OSHA’s “Focus Four” initiative. This initiative is an outreach training program consisting of lesson plans for each of the Focus Four hazards. Trainers must use these learning objectives when they » Read More

Lone Worker Safety

The modern economy means more and more workers are out on their own, at least for part of the workday. Lone workers are not necessarily more vulnerable to work accidents – although much depends on the type of job they do – but they are in greater danger of becoming injured and not having anyone » Read More

2018 Workers’ Compensation Trends

2018 is slated to bring many changes to the Workers’ Compensation industry. These changes are being implemented for a variety of reasons, including fluctuations in healthcare costs, advances in technology changing how Workers’ Compensation providers can better serve injured workers, and the opioid epidemic. Below are a few of the most prominent trends set to » Read More

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