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Janitorial Worker Injuries

Nearly every workplace has either an in-house janitorial staff or hires a contractor to perform cleaning services. Imagine if these services were not regularly and reliably provided? Janitorial workers contribute to the health and safety of the workplaces they serve, as well as improving their overall productivity and well-being. Considering the type of work, it » Read More

Emergency Response Coordinators: In Charge in An Emergency

Emergency response coordinators can face an unpredictable range of dangers, hazards, and life-threatening injuries every day. They may have only seconds to make life-or-death decisions, and they must get it right the first time. Someone who chooses to take on this role may have to deal with all types of situations, from car accidents to » Read More

Lump Sum Settlements

Insurance companies typically opt to settle because they would pay less in the settlement than they would over the long term. Once you accept the settlement, all Workers’ Compensation insurance checks cease immediately. A lump sum settlement, or “compromise and release,” of $50,000 may seem like a considerable sum. But this may not be reasonable, » Read More

Treating Puncture Wounds on the Job

A puncture wound, which can happen in absolutely any work setting, may or may not look serious, but it should always be evaluated and treated immediately. Even though this type of wound may have only a small opening, it may go down quite deep, which can make the injured party very susceptible to a blood » Read More

What are Specific Loss Benefits?

When an employee experiences an on-the-job injury, they may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits, including medical treatment and lost wages. In the state of Pennsylvania, these are based on many different variables, such as the extent of injury, liability, and the employee’s regular wages. Employees that suffer damaged or destroyed body parts can be » Read More

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