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Scaffolding Accident Claims in Philadelphia

Scaffolding accidents in Philadelphia are a common occurrence at construction sites. Workers are injured both in falls and by being struck by objects dropped from scaffolds. If you have been injured in a workplace accident involving a scaffold, you may be entitled to compensation beyond Workers’ Compensation.

For more than 20 years, South Philly attorneys Jeffrey S. Gross and Patrick W. Kenny have aggressively fought for the rights of injured construction workers. If you have sustained an injury in a scaffolding or ladder fall accident, contact us today for a free initial consultation about your case.

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Receiving Workers Compensation In Philadelphia

Workers’ Compensation provides medical and wage replacement benefits if you are injured on the job. These benefits are available regardless of who was at fault. However, Workers’ Compensation benefits are limited and do not cover everything you have lost. For example, it provides no compensation for pain and suffering, which is typically the largest component of a personal injury case.

If your Philadelphia, South Philly, or Bustleton scaffold accident was caused by the negligence of someone else, you may be entitled to additional compensation by filing a personal injury claim. While your employer is generally protected from being sued by employees for job-related injuries, others who do not work directly for your employer are not. These are known as third-party claims. Examples of third parties who may be negligent in a scaffolding accident case include:

  • The company that installed the scaffold
  • The manufacturer of the scaffolding
  • The property owner


Contact Our Work Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia

At Gross & Kenny, our workers’ compensation lawyers will review your accident case and look for evidence of negligence, such as defective scaffolding, missing safety harnesses, missing safety nets or faulty installation. Our goal is to help you recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to from all sources. Contact us today and get the help you deserve.

Personal Injury Attorney Philadelphia | Gross & Kenny, LLP

Personal Injury Attorney Philadelphia | Gross & Kenny, LLP
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