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If it wasn't for you I wouldn't of had a Future! Again thank you so much and I haft to Tell you the people in the office we're excellent! I sent the medical bill's so you should soon have them! Bless you all and again thank you so much!

What Our Client Says
What Our Client Says
Our Results Speak For Themselves

Five years ago today, I walked in your office for the first time. While my life had changed in a very negative way, you were there to help guide me through one of the most traumatic events of my life! I can’t imagine where I would be right now if it wasn’t for your expert guidance, patience, and knowledge. Even though I’m nowhere near the person I was before 9/15/17, I would never be where I am now without you! I can never thank you enough for the help you gave me! Thanks again.

Ellen Cohen

Attorney’s at Gross & Kenny LLP, what can I say? The firm is the best- they dealt with my husband’s workers’ compensation claim with ease and finesse. They got the job done and my family is very pleased with the out come of our case.


I hired Jeff back in 2008, I had injured myself using a table saw, and called Jeff for a case that I thought was totally impossible to win, but by the grace of God, Jeff was able to make the employer compensate me for my injury… I am very happy to know Jeff… Thank you Jeff, you are a great attorney


THE BEST WORKMAN’S COMP LAWYER EVER! NOT ENOUGHT STARS AVAILABLE TO RATE. I really don’t know where to begin so I might as well start before I met Jeff. I was constantly worrying about my job and all their rules and tricks regarding my workman’s comp. I was in fear everyday not knowing what was going to happen on top of the fact I am truly hurt and in pain. I really did not know which way to turn or who to trust. I decided to Google workman’s comp lawyers. There were hundreds listed but only one stood out to me ” Jeffrey Gross”. I guess you wonder why he stood out. It was his picture that’s all I had to go by and my instinct. What I saw in his picture was a look of Integrity, Determination and Sincerity. My perception was right on target. First impressions are everlasting. When I called his firm I left a message and received a call back within 10 minutes from Jeff himself. When I met with Jeff in person I saw the integrity and sincerity to help me. He said ” Bruce don’t worry about anything, I treat my clients like family”.

Jeff scheduled me to see the best specialist and doctors, transportation anything I needed regarding my situation. I required surgery and my insurance company was giving me a problem and Jeff called the doctor and said make it happen and it happened. He removed all the fear and anxiety that I had been experiencing throughout my ordeal.

What really got me was when I had a situation and Jeff was out of the country on vacation. I texted him not only did he texted me back he called me while he was on vacation with his family. Remember when I mentioned Jeff said don’t worry I treat my clients like family. In the beginning I thought that was just a phrase he used. After that and other numerous situations and there were many I knew it was not just a phrase. He truly took all of the worries away just like he said he would. In my book Jeff is family he looked out for my best interest all along the way even when I asked his advice outside of my situation. At the end of the day everybody’s situation is different but what it all comes down to is having someone in your corner that is on your side giving you their all (and notice I said “All” not just a percent). That’s what Jeff gave his all. It may sound like I am promoting Jeff and I am because the experience I had was way out of the norm and worth the acknowledgement. He touched my heart and will never be forgotten and alway appreciated. JEFF YOU ARE THE MAN!

C.M., Client

I had Jeff in 2009 for a worker comp, and I’m very pleased with him and what he did for me. A great Lawyer who takes his time and listen to you and does a great job in seeing that you get what is coming to you.

M.B., Client

Workman’s Compensation is a very difficult & detailed point of law. At firs you may not need a lawyer, however there are many details you will not know that work for your disadvantage. This is where a lawyer comes into the picture. There are things about workman’s compensation your employer will never tell you. The importance of any type of notification, or hearings must be reviewed by a lawyer. Your injury must & should be evaluated by a lawyer. The earlier, the better. Never ignore a court notice. Any legal notice you receive should be immediately be reviewed by a lawyer. DO NOT EVER SIGNANY PAPERWORK OF ANY KIND WITHOUT SEEKING COUNCIL. I RECCOMEND JEFF GROSS FOR ANY TYPE OF WORKMANS COMPENSATION CASE. You will get the best lawyer in the country in workman’s compensation cases. Do not hesitate to call him for any type of review. Jeff handled my case & the results were outstanding. There are hundreds of workman’s comp lawyers. Jeff is the best. You can count on him to handle your case with the best outcome. Explanations of your case are individual, he is attentive, excellent, & no client is more important than another, no matter what your injury. If in doubt contact him directly for your a review of your case. His entire staff will work with you. Do not take workman’s comp laws on your own. There are many things a lawyer such as Jeff & his staff will know that you will not know. Workman’s compensation is a very intense field, with many trick laws, & an individual will not be able to handle this on there own. Please do not attempt to. Jeff is my recommendation for any type of workman’s compensation case. Visit his website, or contact him personally.” The best of the best.

G.P., Client

He is an excellent attorney and he knows what to do and how to get results. I will pick him every time.

M.N., Client

I am glad I chose Jeff Gross as my lawyer. My employer denied my claim for a shoulder injury after he said he would take care of it. I had a meeting with Jeff and he explains his qualifications and his knowledge of workers’ compensation issues and tells me to follow doctors orders and heal up while he will takes care of the rest. He has a great team/staff who coordinate their efforts that enable you to just concentrate on getting better. Jeff always answers calls personally and always returns messages and emails. He has a great way of explaining things that are happening in ways that you can understand. It was an interesting learning experience as well. Jeff always let me know how it was going and it seemed he was always a step ahead of the insurance company and their lawyers. He predicted a good settlement and a favorable outcome. Listening to Jeff’s advice helped. Great job Jeffrey!

M., Client

One of the best decisions I have made was talking with Jeff Gross about my injury at work. Patrick and Jeff did an OUTSTANDING JOB working for me and were always available no matter what time of day to answer questions or explain the process to me. They truly care about you and know what they are doing. Even though I had made some mistakes with my case before I talked to them, they were able to quickly correct that and win the best settlement for me. Their skills in negotiating and knowing their business are second to none. Even after my case, they were still helping me with direction and showing the utmost care and concern. Thank you Jeff and Patrick for all of your hard work and for treating me so well throughout this entire process.

E.S., Client

Jeff Gross and Patrick Kenny are great lawyers. They answered all of my questions and I had no worries knowing they were handling my case. They were extremely professional and I highly recommend them!

D.S., Client