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Client Testimonials


“I am glad I chose Jeff Gross as my lawyer. My employer denied my claim for a shoulder injury after he said he would take care of it. I had a meeting with Jeff and he explains his qualifications and his knowledge of workers compensation issues and tells me to follow doctors orders and heal up while he will takes care of the rest. He has a great team/staff who coordinate their efforts that enable you to just concentrate on getting better. Jeff always answers calls personally and always returns messages and emails. He has a great way of explaining things that are happening in ways that you can understand. It was an interesting learning experience as well. Jeff always let me know how it was going and it seemed he was always a step ahead of the insurance company and their lawyers. He predicted a good settlement and a favorable outcome. Listening to Jeff’s advice helped. Great job Jeffrey!” – M., Client

“One of the best decisions I have made was talking with Jeff Gross about my injury at work. Patrick and Jeff did an OUTSTANDING JOB working for me and were always available no matter what time of day to answer questions or explain the process to me. They truly care about you and know what they are doing. Even though I had made some mistakes with my case before I talked to them, they were able to quickly correct that and win the best settlement for me. Their skills in negotiating and knowing their business are second to none. Even after my case, they were still helping me with direction and showing the utmost care and concern. Thank you Jeff and Patrick for all of your hard work and for treating me so well throughout this entire process.” – E.S., Client 

Jeff Gross and Patrick Kenny are great lawyers. They answered all of my questions and I had no worries knowing they were handling my case. They were extremely professional and I highly recommend them!” – D.S., Client

“Jeff Gross is a great lawyer. He really takes care of his clients and I highly recommend him.” – E.P., Client 

“Jason is a great attorney, I highly recommend him and he’s very passionate about his work and his clients.” – E.P., Client

“Jeff Gross is a great lawyer. He really takes care of his clients and I highly recommend him!” – M., Client

The best lawyer ever! – J.B., Client

“Jeff and Patrick did an outstanding job explaining my case to me and the options that I had in front of me. Jeff is always available to answer your questions and responds quickly to any of your inquiries. They both know their business extremely well and did an excellent job working on my behalf. Can’t put in to words how well they did and how made me feel throughout the whole process. They are excellent at what they do and are very caring for their clients throughout. Thank you both! ” – Client

“I have never met a lawyer like Jeffrey Gross. He is a man of his word. He contacted me back right away and if he was busy he found a way to contact me back that same day. I want to thank him for getting my workers comp case settled this year. Anyone I know that needs a lawyer I am sending them directly to Jeffrey Gross. Thanks You!” – K., Client

“Jeffrey S. Gross under his wing and I had a 100% positive experience with this firm. I cannot express how happy and grateful I am. They treated me like a king!! I worked with Jeff, Patrick & Angie. They were responsive and attentive. They always returned my calls ASAP and I received answers to my questions and anything else I needed. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends. They are THE BEST!” – Eugene Miller, Client

“I just want to thank you again for everything you have done for my mother. Your name continues to be spoken in unmatched praise. You have a permanent, treasured place in our hearts. Endless, immeasurable thanks again!!!” – Client 

“Absolutely amazing! Literally works 24/7 If you need workers comp. lawyer He is worth every penny and he wins! Best lawyer, had a separate case with another attorney, and Jeff Gross is night and day from that other attorney. He literally works 24/7 for you, responds quickly to any text, email, phone call. He’s on top of everything. When we started the case he already had everything planned out.  He really puts more than 110% in the case. He treats you like family. Not a single complaint. I am in York, he is in Philadelphia, and he will drive the 4 hour round trip for my case which isn’t an easy case to prove. But based on the other reviews, I am not concerned.  I am very confident in the results. If anyone needs a workers comp attorney, I’d go with him. I am a current client, I have nothing to gain by posting this, but I want people who need workers comp to know there is an absolutely excellent lawyer here in Jeff Gross to represent you. Hands down the best. This is based off 2 workers comp cases in less then a year. He is amazing, treats you like family, works 24/7 for you, is on top of everything and doesn’t put up with anything from the other side. He will fight for you until the end to make sure you get everything you are entitled to. He is a Super Lawyer 2014,2015,2016 and that is not a surprise at all. Highly recommend !” – G.L.

“Absolutely the best!  He is more then a lawyer, he is your family.  He cares about every aspect of you , your case, and making sure you get every penny possible and will literally be available 24/7 for you for any question you have regarding your issue.  He knows the best experts, doctors , etc in every field and will get you what you deserve plus some.  He is so good the other side wanted to settle my case before we even started.  His dedication to his clients is outstanding, I had a previous attorney for a previous issue that was similar and without question Jeff surpassed that person ten fold.  His knowledge in the area is amazing, before you finish your description of your issue he already has everything planned out for you.  I am guessing he sleeps 2 hours a night because he is always available literally 24/7.  I do not say that with bias.  He won my case with a settlement, it is like having a second father or uncle, or cousin, or brother.  This man deserves to be America’s top Lawyers if they have such a thing. This man deserves every penny he gets from the 20% that is taken and works 110% for you.” – Greg

“Best of the best! I met Jeff Gross in July of 2015. I had been in a serious work accident and through one surgery when we met. My job and the insurance company were pressuring me to return to work, even though I was in no shape to do so. Jeff never allowed that to happen. From the minute I walked into Jeff’s office, he told me not to worry about a thing. He said he would handle everything and not to worry. Now, I have never been a big fan of attorneys, so I had very little faith that Jeff would make good on the promises he made. He came through on EVERY SINGLE ONE!! Jeff returned every call I made to him, no matter the time of day or even the day of the week. He was always there for me and always honest. I know I was not the easiest client to deal with, but Jeff always handle me with respect and professionalism. Jeff referred me to the best doctors available-Doctors I truly owe my life to. From his staff to the coordination services and doctors Jeff referred, all of them are top notch professionals and the best at what they do. Not only is Jeff a great attorney, he is a wonderful person and a man I now call a great friend.” – Timothy

5 stars does not show just how good Jeff Gross is. It’s rare that someone finds his first job and he is not only good at it but excels. And truly loves what he does. I settled my work comp in 2015. During that time we had 3 hearings and we were granted everything from the judge. I was a jerk at times – the pain I would like to think was the reason but Jeff understood and was thoughtful.  I would like to think he became a friend. We laughed, joked, cried from the emotions of past and present, and Jeff Gross made sure with my pain I had the best doctors and had my medicine without paying a dime for it. Jeff should have thrown me to the wolves the way I acted and the man actually gets it. Folks, he understands us, He knows what we are going through.  Even on vacation he would call me. From Angie to the rest of his staff. 5 stars doesn’t say enough about this firm  and the man.  It truly is not about the almighty dollar to Jeff.  He had a family member loss in an accident, and from that time on his passion for being there for everything a client needs to make them comfortable. Absolute best lawyer in workers’ compensation. Other attorneys only wish they could be that good . He truly was my miracle. ” – R.R.

“Amazing lawyer! Jeffrey Gross is a great lawyer. He has helped so many people. The whole office is great, people are very polite and know what they are doing, they are always going above and beyond for people! Keep it up Gross Law!!” – Trish

“Truly a great lawyer. My fingertip was crushed at work, and so I talked to a few lawyers who all said they can’t really do anything for me. That the insurance was going to pay me for this and that. Well, then I found Mr. Gross and and right away he said something like “I got you”. Well he won me a good sum of money. I was very happy with his work.” – Boris

Brilliant! I was referred to Jeff Gross while I was on Workers’ Compensation . He lived up to his billing . Everything he said he would do he did , if I had a question he always called back unlike others who use assistants for that.  Since using Jeff I have referred two others who are also very happy to have bee n represented by this great person . He was more then just lawyer to me.” –  Joseph“I hired Jeff  Gross back in 2008. I had injured myself using a table saw, and called Jeff for a case that I thought was totally impossible to win. But by the grace of God, Jeff was able to make the employer compensate me for my injury. I am very happy to know Jeff. Thank you Jeff, you are a great attorney.” – T.W.

“Best decision I ever made was having Jeff Gross  handle my case. My employer fired me after a pretty brutal injury I sustained, and tried to “relieve themselves” from any financial obligation to my injury.  After I hired this law firm all of my worries were taken care of.” – D.M

Great lawyer, great all around guy! I would recommend this Workers’ Compensation Attorney in a HEARTBEAT!!” – D.P.

“I recommend Jeff Gross for any type of Workers’ Compensation case. You will get the best lawyer in the country in workers’ compensation cases. Do not hesitate to call him for any type of review. Jeff handled my case & the results were outstanding. There are hundreds of workman’s comp lawyers. Jeff is the best. You can count on him to handle your case with the best outcome. Explanations of your case are individual, he is attentive, excellent, & no client is more important than another, no matter what your injury. If in doubt, contact him directly for a review of your case. His entire staff will work with you.  Jeff is my recommendation for any type of workman’s compensation case. The best of the best. A+.” – G.P.

Jeffrey Gross is very good at his job. The only lawyer that said he can help with my case. and won big for me.” – B.V.

“Absolutely the best workers’ compensation lawyer in the state of PA. He is there for you literally 24/7. By text, email, or phone. The first time you meet him he always has a plan, lines you up with the best doctors (from Harvard and other Ivy league schools) to get all your information and prove the best case possible for you. He is absolutely dedicated to you like he is a family member. Without question, the 20% he takes is beyond worth the time and effort and money you will receive from your worker compensation win. I recommend him to everyone needing a workers compensation lawyer.” – Greg

Jeff Gross is awesome !!! Very professional and has a knack for being personable which I haven’t seen in many lawyers. Most are stuffy. He was great.” – JC C.

“I heard about Jeffrey Gross from a friend, let me tell you he is the People’s Lawyer for sure! I have been with him and the firm for 2 years and he is the best lawyer on earth. He provided so much knowledge and made sure to explain everything. I am treated like family. I am happy with the way my case is going and we aren’t even done! I am truly blessed and have already recommended him to others!” – J.S.

“I have had multiple surgeries and Jeffrey Gross has been there every step of the way, he really cared about my health! Anything I needed, Jeffrey Gross was there. My back is doing better and I am grateful to be able to have this time with my 3 boys. I have been treated like a part of the family and without a doubt Jeffrey Gross and his firm are the best! They were always in communication. My wife found them thru the online Yellow Pages, and I will definitely be recommending Jeffrey and his firm to others. ” – E.M. 

“I’m not sure how I met Jeffrey Gross but we have been friends for a long while. We are like family. The man is a bulldog! I have sent him multiple clients and would definitely use him for all future legal needs. His staff is outstanding and they always get back to you so quickly. They really do care and fight hard for their clients. I m very happy with the outcome of my case. Jeffrey Gross and his firm are the absolute best!!” – S.K.

“THE BEST WORKMAN’S COMP LAWYER EVER! NOT ENOUGHT STARS AVAILABLE TO RATE. I really don’t know where to begin so I might as well start before I met Jeff. I was constantly worrying about my job and all their rules and tricks regarding my workman’s comp. I was in fear everyday not knowing what was going to happen on top of the fact I am truly hurt and in pain. I really did not know which way to turn or who to trust. I decided to Google workman’s comp lawyers. There were hundreds listed but only one stood out to me ” Jeffrey Gross”. I guess you wonder why he stood out. It was his picture that’s all I had to go by and my instinct. What I saw in his picture was a look of Integrity, Determination and Sincerity. My perception was right on target. First impressions are everlasting. When I called his firm I left a message and received a call back within 10 minutes from Jeff himself. When I met with Jeff in person I saw the integrity and sincerity to help me. He said ” Bruce don’t worry about anything, I treat my clients like family”. Jeff scheduled me to see the best specialist and doctors, transportation anything I needed regarding my situation. I required surgery and my insurance company was giving me a problem and Jeff called the doctor and said make it happen and it happened. He removed all the fear and anxiety that I had been experiencing throughout my ordeal. What really got me was when I had a situation and Jeff was out of the country on vacation. I texted him not only did he texted me back he called me while he was on vacation with his family. Remember when I mentioned Jeff said don’t worry I treat my clients like family. In the beginning I thought that was just a phrase he used. After that and other numerous situations and there were many I knew it was not just a phrase. He truly took all of the worries away just like he said he would. In my book Jeff is family. He looked out for my best interest all along the way even when I asked his advice outside of my situation. At the end of the day everybody’s situation is different but what it all comes down to is having someone in your corner that is on your side giving you their all (and notice I said “All” not just a percent). That’s what Jeff gave his all. It may sound like I am promoting Jeff and I am because the experience I had was way out of the norm and worth the acknowledgement. He touched my heart and will never be forgotten and always appreciated. JEFF YOU ARE THE MAN!” – N.R.

“Jeffrey is an awesome attorney! He works diligently and treats each case as a priority! He is always very pleasant with a beautiful, warm smile. We won the case! I’d refer Jeffrey Gross to anyone who’s looking not only for an attorney but a winner! You have been such a great help to me as well as  your amazing staff!!! Thank you Jeffrey and Team Gross. I love you all…” – M.W.