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Philadelphia Crush Injury Lawyer

Out of all types of work-related accidents, those that involve crush injuries often have the most severe consequences. Crushing injuries can happen in several ways, typically involving mishaps with heavy machinery or moving vehicles. Regardless of how it occurred, crush accidents have the potential to cause catastrophic harm and impact every aspect of your life.

If you suffered a crush injury at work in Bustleton or South Philadelphia, a skilled attorney could help you pursue benefits that cover the costs of your medical treatments or lost wages. Filing a claim can be particularly difficult to do on your own, which makes the guidance of a Philadelphia crush injury lawyer so important to your case. Contact our firm today to discover your legal options.

How do Crush Injuries Happen at Work?

Crush injuries can happen in many different ways at the workplace, such as when a limb or other part of the body is caught in a machine or equipment. These accidents may result in amputation or even death in more severe cases. Some of the ways in which injuries may occur include:

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are frequently involved in workplace crush injuries. Accidents of this nature may happen when a body part is caught between the belt and other parts of the machine. Alternatively, serious injuries can occur when a body part is crushed beneath an object on a belt.

Heavy Machinery

Factories are full of pieces of machinery with moving parts, and every moving piece represents a risk of a crushing injury. Some machines that are especially likely to result in these injuries include punch presses and brake presses.


Forklifts are a common sight in an industrial workplace. They are also a common cause of crush injuries. These kinds of accidents can occur when the load carried by the forklift comes down on a person. Crushing injuries also happen when a forklift pins a worker against a wall or other object.

If someone has sustained a crush injury in any of these ways, they should enlist the help of an aggressive Philadelphia attorney as soon as possible. Legal counsel could help injured parties in Bustleton and South Philly create comprehensive claims for damages that address all their losses related to the accident.

How Soon Must an Employer Pay Benefits?

In Bustleton and across the state, an employer and their insurer have 21 days from notification of a crush injury to make a decision on that claim. After these 21 days, the employer must either agree that the injury was related to work or deny the claim. If the claim is accepted, the employer will issue something known as a “Notice of Compensation Payable” and begin making the payments immediately.

A denied workers’ compensation claim can be frustrating, but it does not mean that an injured employee’s legal journey is over. A Philadelphia crush injury attorney could help appeal this denied claim and secure the fair benefits an injured worker deserves.

What Benefits Could I Recover?

Workers who receive workers’ compensation benefits for a crush injury are entitled to payments based on their “average weekly wage.” The average weekly wage is roughly two-thirds of the wage that a worker earned prior to their injury. However, there is also a maximum benefit rate to consider. That means higher earners in South Philly are likely to receive less than two-thirds of their wage due to these limitations. A Philadelphia crush injury attorney could help secure the full amount of benefits an injured employee deserves.

Reach Out to a Philadelphia Crush Injury Attorney Today

Crush injuries can change your life forever. If you are dealing with the fallout from this type of accident, a workers’ compensation claim might be the answer to your troubles.

You do not have to pursue your workers’ compensation claim alone. Our dedicated attorneys have extensive experience helping workers in Bustleton, South Philadelphia, and across the state recover the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Reach out to a Philadelphia crush injury lawyer today to get started with your claim.

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