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How Does COVID-19 Affect Older Workers?


The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the nation and will continue to be a national headline until cases cease. This virus has put a lot of employees out of work and has caused financial distress. If you are working from home during the pandemic and become injured, it is important to speak to an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer about the types of benefits you can receive.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has negatively affected older workers and has left them to miss work because of the dangers involved. It is not safe for older employees to work right now due to how contagious and deadly the virus is for the elderly. If an older worker needs to take time off due to the COVID-19 virus, they will suffer from a lack of income and will need the government’s support to construct a plan for paid sick leave.

Elderly people are more vulnerable to this virus, but they also lack most paid sick leave and work-from-home options. This is a public health problem. The government has recommended that any worker who can work from home should do so. Regrettably, many elderly workers work in the health and service industries that do not have paid leave options. Also, many older workers are caregivers for elderly people who are just as vulnerable.

What Needs to Be Done?

To help older workers during this time, better legislation needs to be passed, and paid leave needs to be extended to at least a 14-day quarantine. The current legislation that was passed by the House of Representatives attempts to help all workers, but the legislation still needs improvements. The need for paid sick leave and a stimulus package is required to help older workers stay healthy and support themselves financially.

Protection of Older Workers

There are many steps we can all take to protect older individuals from getting sick from work or at home. Remember to wash your hands frequently and stay six feet away from others to improve safety. Social distancing is the most important way to help stop the spread of the virus. If you are in contact with an older worker, stay far apart and never physically touch each other when greeting. Also, check-in on your older neighbors and community members to make sure that they have food, supplies, and medication.

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Gross & Kenny, LLP Protect the Rights of Older Workers

If you were denied benefits or were infected by the COVID-19 virus at work, the Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Gross & Kenny, LLP will review your case and help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Call us at 215-512-1500 or contact us online for a free consultation. Located in Philadelphia, we serve clients throughout Pennsylvania.

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