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Not All Smiles: Everyday Dangers Of A Flight Attendant


Air travel can be a stressful event. You see those videos all the time—passengers on a flight, becoming belligerent or violent. It happened right here, on a recent flight approaching Philadelphia International Airport, the crew noticed a passenger displaying “erratic behavior” and making frightening statements.

The aviation industry in the United States employs millions of workers and accounts for billions in the U.S. economy. Aviation workers can hold a vast range of jobs, and all these jobs have distinct risks for injury. Many of these accidental work injuries are compensable under Workers’ Compensation.

If you were injured working in the field of aviation, the Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorneys at Gross & Kenny LLP are here to help.

The Risks Of Attending A Flight

According to the Associated Press, the cabin crew on that American Airlines flight with that erratic gentleman took “precautionary measures.” The crew monitored the passenger, made sure he remained seated for the remainder of the flight and guarded against any potential dangers like securing the cockpit. Everyone arrived safe, “without incident or injury,” and the authorities escorted the passenger to the hospital without charging him.

This is just one of the potential risks flight attendants face every day. Even when there are no incidents with the plane or flight, cabin crews are dodging dangers on every journey. Just some of the possible risks associated with being a member of an airline crew include:

  • Chronic fatigue caused by disrupted sleep patterns linked to jet lag and working long shifts, often overnight, over different time zones
  • Any number of sicknesses like COVID-19 from airborne contaminants and contact in confined spaces with passengers
  • Sprains and strains resulting from moving and lifting heavy luggage into overhead compartments in confined spaces
  • Slips and falls due to turbulence during flights
  • Possible assaults by the passengers they serve

The Turbulence Of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation claims can be a turbulent trek. Beginning with the investigation and ultimately leading to the litigation, it can be a complex process. If you are not acquainted with the law, it can be difficult to follow through and find compensation for lost wages and benefits, not to mention the costs of medical care, or even death benefits. Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can travel this journey with you and help:

  • Report your injury
  • File an appeal for a denial of workers’ compensation coverage
  • Represent you at an appeal hearing
  • Make sure you receive proper medical care

Employers and insurance carriers will be represented by experienced attorneys. You should also have someone on your side that specializes in these types of cases and can make sure you receive:

  • The lost wage for partial or total disability
  • Specific Loss Benefits for loss of permanent use of body parts, sight, or hearing, or for disfigurement of the head, neck, or face
  • Medical Care that includes medicine, supplies, hospital treatments or surgeries, orthopedic appliances, and prostheses
  • Death Benefits to be paid to surviving dependents in the case of a workplace fatality

The Philadelphia workers’ comp attorneys at Gross & Kenny LLP have more than 20 years of experience in workers’ comp claims. Contact us for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling 215-512-1500.

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Personal Injury Attorney Philadelphia | Gross & Kenny, LLP
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