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Scranton Work-Related Injury Lawyer

A workplace injury can happen in a variety of situations. In fact, an employee does not need to be on their employer’s premises at the time to experience a work-related injury. Some work-related injuries are diseases or chronic health problems that develop over time due to conditions at work.

You can seek Workers’ Compensation benefits when you suffer an injury or become ill due to working conditions. When you are unsure whether your situation qualifies you for benefits, a Scranton work-related injury lawyer from Gross & Kenny, LLP can provide guidance. If you are entitled to Workers’ Compensation, one of our skilled legal professionals will work to ensure you get the benefits you deserve.

What Is a Work-Related Injury?

Many employees believe they can only get Workers’ Compensation if their injury is related to their job duties. That perception is incorrect, according to 77 Pennsylvania Statute §411. Any injury that happens while you are on the clock or promoting your employer’s interests could be considered a work-related injury that merits Workers’ Compensation benefits.

For example, if you are on your lunch hour and break your ankle in a cafeteria fall, Workers’ Compensation is responsible for your medical care and a partial wage while you cannot work. You could submit a Workers’ Compensation claim if you get into a car accident at night while attending a work-related convention. You are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits if you break your nose in a softball game at the company picnic.

Workers’ Compensation insurers sometimes allege an injury did not happen while you were working. Our diligent Scranton attorneys could review the circumstances that led to your work-related injury to confirm that Workers’ Compensation should cover it. If so, they will advocate fiercely for the benefits you need to move forward. Workers’ Compensation is only excused from covering a workplace injury if you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, intentionally caused an injury to yourself, or got hurt when you were trying to harm someone else.

What Types of Workplace Injuries Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

The Workers’ Compensation program covers much more than accidental injuries. Although people speak of workplace “injuries,” the Workers’ Compensation program encompasses all sorts of injuries, illnesses, and health conditions related to your work.

Many ailments and diseases result from working conditions. Someone who works in a dusty atmosphere might develop asthma, or a pre-existing respiratory illness might worsen. Workers can suffer organ damage or develop cancer if they are exposed to certain toxins in their workplace. Working conditions could cause other health impacts like arthritis, hearing loss, carpal tunnel syndrome, or joint damage. Workers’ Compensation could cover any of these health conditions.

A Workers’ Compensation insurer might question whether working conditions led to an employee’s disease or health impact. Our Scranton attorneys at Gross & Kenny, LLP could subpoena company records and consult medical experts to prove that circumstances at your workplace led to your work-related injury or ailment.

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Mental Health Conditions?

Workers’ Compensation rules vary among the states, and some states do not consider mental health issues compensable under the program. In some circumstances, Pennsylvania allows workers suffering from work-related mental health conditions to claim Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Some psychological injuries are related to physical injuries or events that occur at work. If you worked on an upper floor of an office building and were in a severe elevator accident, you might develop of fear of elevators that prevents you from returning to that job. If you worked at a bank and were confronted by an armed robber, you might develop post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from the terror of the event. You could be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits in either case.

Other psychological injuries could result from unusually stressful conditions at your workplace. Examples include an unreasonable workload, harassment or bullying, impossible goals or expectations, or other conditions that cause you to experience anxiety, depression, insomnia, and similar symptoms. Psychological injury due to an unusually stressful workplace can be challenging to prove, but the attorneys of Gross & Kenny, LLP can assist injured workers in Scranton with documenting their work-related conditions and advocating for their benefits.

Get Help From an Aggressive Scranton Work-Related Injury Attorney

You deserve Workers’ Compensation benefits whenever you experience an injury, illness, or health condition because of your work. Our firm’s Scranton work-related injury lawyers are experienced advocates for employees suffering health problems due to their employment.

Contact a legal professional at Gross & Kenny, LLP immediately when you get hurt at work or develop an employment-related health condition. Our attorneys can ensure you get the Worker’s Compensation benefits you are entitled to. Call today to get started.

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