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The workers’ compensation program offers important benefits that ensure you receive medical treatment for work-related health problems and financial assistance if a work-related injury or condition prevents you from doing your job. However, getting the benefits you are entitled to is not always easy. Employers and their insurance companies impose strict rules and timelines that you must comply with to receive payments. 

You could lose your right to Workers’ Compensation if you inadvertently miss a deadline or fail to file the necessary paperwork. Learning what to do after a workplace accident in Scranton could ensure you get the benefits you deserve. Consult a workplace accident attorney at Gross & Kenny, LLP if you have questions about filing a claim. 

Determine Whether an Injury is Work-Related

Any injury, health condition, or chronic illness that a worker suffers within the scope of their employment is eligible for coverage under the workers’ compensation program. This scope depends on a person’s specific job, but examples of incidents workers’ comp could cover include:

  • Injuries suffered in workplace accidents, such as falls and fires
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome from repetitive motion in an office
  • Asthma from respiratory irritants in a factory
  • Hearing loss from a noisy shop floor

In some cases, an employee could receive workers’ compensation coverage for injuries suffered away from the workplace. For example, a worker whose job involves driving could receive benefits for injuries suffered in a vehicle accident while they were on the clock. A salesperson could claim benefits for a fall on a potential customer’s premises.

An employee concerned about whether their injury or condition qualifies for workers’ comp benefits should contact a local attorney. An experienced legal professional could review the circumstances of a workplace accident and offer advice about what is covered by the Scranton workers’ compensation program.

Notify Your Employer

The first step to accessing workers’ compensation benefits is notifying your employer of a work-related injury. Ideally, an injured employee notifies their supervisor or the Human Resources department immediately after the accident. If immediate notification is not possible, you should report the injury as soon as you can. This notification should be in writing to keep a record of communication.

When a worker immediately reports an injury to their supervisor, the supervisor can report the incident to the employer and their insurance company. The timeline of submitting a worker’s report and incident report is evidence the worker’s injury was related to their job. In addition, an immediate report allows the employer to correct an unsafe condition that led to the injury before anyone else gets hurt. 

To be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, a Scranton worker must notify their employer of any injury or condition within 120 days of their workplace accident. If the worker informs the employer within 21 days of the incident, their wage supplement benefits are calculated from the injury date. If the worker informs their employer after 22 days, their benefits begin accruing on the notice date.

Seek Medical Treatment

After a workplace accident, injured parties should seek medical advice, even if they believe their injuries are minor. Some conditions do not produce symptoms until hours after the initial incident, and a worker might aggravate the injury in the meantime. 

Employers should provide workers with a list of approved medical providers. According to 77 Pennsylvania Statute § 127.751, workers must choose a doctor from the employer’s list to be eligible for reimbursement through workers’ compensation benefits. After 90 days of treatment with the employer-approved provider, a worker may transfer care to their own doctor. 

Receiving medical treatment as soon as possible after a workplace accident is important evidence that supports a Scranton workers’ compensation claim. If an injured person waits to seek treatment, an insurer might argue they sustained the injury outside of work. When the initial medical record is generated soon after the incident report, insurers have a harder time denying that an injury or condition is work-related.

Contact a Scranton Attorney After a Workplace Accident

Knowing what to do after a workplace accident in Scranton could make a significant difference in your ability to access workers’ compensation benefits. Remember: report the incident to a supervisor or HR immediately and get medical care as soon as possible.

Workplace injuries are frightening, especially if you have no experience with the workers’ compensation system. A workers’ comp attorney at Gross & Kenny, LLP could answer your questions and guide you through the claims process. Call today.

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Personal Injury Attorney Philadelphia | Gross & Kenny, LLP
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