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Securing Benefits for Degloving Injuries

With unprotected nip and pinch points being so prevalent in many workplaces, it comes as no surprise that many workers suffer hand injuries in Philadelphia. Hand injuries range from minor scratches and fractures to catastrophic injuries such as amputation, loss of digits, or degloving accidents. Individuals who suffer debilitating hand injuries at work should know that there are options available to them. At Gross & Kenny, LLP, our Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers have represented and secured benefits for individuals who are unable to work due to an injury.

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Defining Degloving Injuries

Considered to be catastrophic, degloving injuries involve the skin being peeled away from fingers or the entire hand, exposing the bone underneath. Degloving injuries are noted for how painful they are since the hands and fingers have an abundance of nerve endings in them. Perhaps more devastating than the pain or loss that accompanies the injury is the worker’s usual inability to continue on in their career field. With no source of income following in the wake of a catastrophic workrelated injury, most individuals find the mounting medical bills to be overwhelming. Luckily, there are options for benefits through workers’ compensation.

Causes of Degloving Injuries

While generally the result of the aforementioned poorly protected nip and pinch points, degloving accidents can happen for any number of reasons in any given field, with workers in the oil and gas industry being the most vulnerable. Hand injuries account for 50 percent of all injuries in this field. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the most common causes of degloving injuries include:

  • Being caught between two objects
  • Defective machinery
  • Exposure to caustic chemicals
  • Exposure to infectious or biological agents
  • Severe cold or heat
  • Vibration

Furthermore, Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers note that employees who wear jewelry put themselves at a much higher risk of sustaining a degloving injury, such as a ring avulsion.

Life After a Catastrophic Injury

workers’ compensation benefits provide a lifeline for individuals who have suffered a work-related injury. Filing for workers’ compensation in Philadelphia can be a daunting task since insurance companies have been known to deny claims upon their first submission. Individuals who have had their benefits denied should know that they still have options to appeal but must do so within a certain timeframe. It is recommended that they seek legal counsel to ensure that their benefits are successfully appealed.

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers of Gross & Kenny, LLP Represent Those Injured in Degloving Accidents

If you have suffered a degloving injury and have had your benefits denied, you are urged to contact Gross & Kenny, LLP, quickly to ensure that your appeal is submitted within the designated timeframe. Our Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers have experience with the strategies insurance companies employ to deny individuals their benefits and can see to it that your appeal is successful. Do not hesitate. Contact us online or call our offices at 215-512-1500 to learn how we can help.