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Disfigurement, Scars and Burns

Few injuries are as personal as those that result in disfigurement or scarring. These types of injuries often require extensive medical care and treatment, both initially and again if the victim requires reconstructive surgery. Specifically for burn injury victims, it is important to seek specialized medical care. Burn injuries are susceptible to serious infections and other complications.

Individuals who have suffered a work injury resulting in scarring or disfigurement may be entitled to workers’ compensation for medical care and other damages. In some cases, an injured worker may be eligible for additional compensation for disfigurement. Schedule a free consultation at our Philadelphia work injury law firm to find out more about your legal options.

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Seeking Benefits In Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, workers who are injured on the job may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits for medical treatmentwage loss, ongoing medical care, and other losses.

In order for an individual to obtain workers’ compensation benefits specifically for disfigurement, the affected area must be on the head, face, or neck. If the disfigurement has occurred on another part of the body, the victim may not be eligible for workers’ comp benefits.

If the injury has resulted in disability, the injury victim may be eligible for temporary total disability (TTD) benefits or Permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits. Additionally, Social Security Disability benefits may be available.

What Are The Causes of Disfigurement?

There are several ways to become disfigured in the workplace and elsewhere. Some of these accidents include:

  • Car accident
  • Chemical accident
  • Explosion accident
  • Firearm accident
  • Truck accident
  • Electrical burns
  • Factory accidents
  • Falls from heights
  • Power tools
  • Falling objects

Chemical burns can often be some of the most painful as the skin becomes so severely burned and cannot grow back the same color. Skin grafting may be attempted, and the skin might grow back, but it may leave permanent scarring.

In other cases, you might experience broken bones, especially in the face like the cheeks, nose, or bones around the mouth and eyes. Breaking these bones can often lead to permanent disfigurement. While reconstructive surgery is possible, it can be costly and even more painful. It might not fully restore you to how you once looked and is a risk not everyone is willing to take.

Your medical treatment will be covered when you file a workers’ compensation claim. However, whenever there is the possibility of expensive surgeries involved, claims are often delayed or even denied. You should contact a Philadelphia scarring and disfigurement attorney to ensure you get the medical attention you need at Gross & Kenny, LLP.

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To learn more about seeking benefits for disfigurement, scarring, or burn injuries, contact us online or call a Philadelphia work injury lawyer of Gross & Kenny, LLP, today at 215-512-1500 to schedule a free consultation.

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