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When a person is burned, disfigured, or scarred, they suffer more than just a physical injury. These types of injuries may lead to deep psychological and emotional injuries that can continue to have an impact on a victim’s life long after the initial workplace accident. Common side effects of disfigurement include difficulty socializing and fear of interacting with the public. Burns and similar injuries can also negatively affect a person’s self-esteem. In some circumstances, they can also put strain on a victim’s existing relationships with loved ones.

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You will hopefully never be involved in a workplace accident that results in disfigurement. However, if you are, it’s important to be familiar with your legal rights. You may be able to recover financial compensation for certain losses associated with your injury by filing a claim to collect workers’ compensation benefits. Under Pennsylvania law, the vast majority of employers must purchase workers’ compensation insurance plans so that injured employees have a means of seeking the compensation they may be owed. Discuss your case with a Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorney to learn more about how these laws might impact your case.

Common Causes of Workplace Disfigurement

Some of the more common causes of scarring and disfigurement include:

Don’t make the mistake of assuming you are only eligible to collect workers’ compensation benefits after being scarred or disfigured at work if you can show that your accident resulted from your employer’s negligence. In general personal injury cases, a victim is only able to recover compensation if it’s shown that they would not have been injured had someone else not been careless.

That’s not the case if you are harmed in an accident that genuinely qualifies as being work-related. While you will have to show that your accident meets certain criteria to qualify as being truly work-related and that it was not caused because you were intoxicated or otherwise unreasonably negligent yourself, you do not have to prove it resulted from another party’s negligence to show why you deserve compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Scarring Injuries

Workers’ compensation benefits available to those with a disfiguring injury vary by state. In Pennsylvania, workers who suffer from visible scarring of the head, face, and neck may be entitled to benefits if the scar is severe. Even if the scar is a surgical scar, it may be covered under workers’ compensation if it originated from a workplace injury.

Workers with permanent scarring or other disfigurements as a result of an on-the-job injury may be eligible for lost wages, medical expenses, as well as specific loss benefits. Injuries resulting in disfigurement typically involve excruciating pain and may require multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation. These factors often result in extended absences from work and may even lead to permanent disability.

Injured workers may be entitled to two-thirds of their average weekly wages up to a maximum of 275 weeks. In some cases, the right to receive benefits for disfigurement may exist in addition to an award of specific loss benefits. For example, if a worker suffers a severe injury to the face that results in partial or total blindness in one or both eyes, as well as permanent scarring, he or she may receive more than one type of award.

Many workers who have suffered a catastrophic work injury may also be eligible to file a physical-mental disability claim. These types of cases arise when a worker develops a psychological disorder such as depression or anxiety that was not present before the disfiguring injury. Additionally, if the injury was caused by the negligence of a third party, such as a manufacturer of a defective piece of equipment, victims may be able to recover additional compensation by filing a third-party liability claim.

It is imperative that victims filing workers’ compensation claims realize that insurance companies are businesses. Often, if an insurer can get away with convincing a victim to settle for less than the full amount of compensation they may deserve, they will do so.

You need to protect your rights in these circumstances. By hiring a qualified Philadelphia workers’ compensation attorney who handles disfigurement cases, you will have someone on your side who can review the full details of your case and determine whether an insurance company’s initial settlement offer is fair and appropriate given the extent of your injuries.

When to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance program, meaning injured workers may be entitled to immediate compensation, even if the injuries were caused by negligence. Unfortunately, many injured workers in Pennsylvania are unaware of what benefits they are entitled to or how to file a claim.

Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers of Gross & Kenny, LLP, understand that times are tough after a workplace accident. Relations may feel strained with your employer, and you may be suffering from emotional trauma as a result of your injury. You may face mounting expenses, such as medical bills and lost wages due to your injury. To make matters worse, your employers’ workers’ compensation insurance carrier is certainly not going to be looking out for your best interests. Often, they will do anything and everything they can to downplay your accident and the lingering effects of your injury.

Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers of Gross & Kenny, LLP Fight for Victims of Catastrophic Work Injury

The experienced Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers of Gross & Kenny, LLP, have a thorough understanding of the workers’ compensation system and ensure that our clients who suffer from disfigurement injuries receive the full amount of benefits to which they are entitled. For more information, call us at 215-512-1500 or contact us online today.