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Should I Claim Workers' Compensation On My Taxes?

Injured workers are often confused regarding whether to claim their workers’ compensation benefits on their taxes, and often receiving conflicting and incorrect advice from well-meaning people.

Should I claim workers’ comp benefits on my taxes? According to the IRS, the answer is no. Unfortunately, even tax preparers can get this wrong, advising their clients to claim their benefits on their taxes.

An experienced attorney can help you maximize your benefits and make sure you are fulfilling all legal obligations. Call 215-512-1500 for a free consultation with Jeffrey S. Gross, a certified workers’ compensation attorney*.

Should I Claim Workers’ Comp On My Taxes? Video

Pennsylvania Lawyers For Workers’ Compensation Claims

It makes sense that workers’ compensation benefits are not taxed. Since they are already based on two-thirds of your wages, it would be counterproductive to take out taxes in addition to that when the purpose of benefits is to cover necessities such as medical care and living expenses while someone is unable to work.

If you are being pressured to claim workers’ compensation benefits on your taxes or have questions about your rights, you can rely on our lawyers to make sure you are getting the benefits you deserve and are receiving proper treatment from your employer and the insurance company.

Can you afford a workers’ compensation lawyer? You can’t afford to have one. Having a lawyer can make all the difference as you take on powerful opponents who are dedicated to reducing or eliminating your benefits.

We handle these cases on a contingent fee basis, so we don’t get paid unless you do. Contact us today for a free, confidential consultation with our Philadelphia lawyers.

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