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Workers’ Compensation Settlements in Philadelphia

Ideally, a workers’ compensation claim will end when the insurance company offers a compensation package, and the worker accepts payments until they recover and return to work. However, this process can take months or even years, and a worker may be unable to pay their bills while receiving weekly payments.

One way to avoid this state of limbo is to settle for the entirety of the claim. These settlements offer employees a lump sum to cover all their losses. It is important to know that the worker will be responsible for their medical treatment and expenses. Nevertheless, reaching workers’ compensation settlements in Philadelphia may be the best choice for many injured employees in Bustleton or South Philly. To discover your legal options and learn more about this process, do not hesitate to contact Gross & Kenny, LLP.

What is the Legal Effect of a Settlement?

At their core, most workers’ compensation disputes are civil contract claims. The insurance company agrees to pay benefits to employees who suffer harm due to performing their jobs. If an insurance company denies coverage or full payment, the worker has the right to ask the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry to intervene.

However, it is essential to remember that the Department exists to adjudicate disputes between insurance companies and workers. If that dispute disappears, the Department does not need to act. A workers’ compensation settlement in Philadelphia can, therefore, serve as a way for parties to end their disputes on their own terms.

A settlement will immediately end the claim. Additionally, the settlement will typically result in the insurance company paying a large sum of cash in exchange for releasing their obligation to provide payments (over time) and medical care. As a result, the legal effect of a settlement is to release the employer and insurance company of all legal obligations regarding the Bustleton or South Philly workplace injury.

When is it Advisable to Pursue a Settlement?

Every worker in Bustleton or South Philly who suffers a workplace injury should remain aware of their legal rights. This includes making a proper evaluation of the injury and the potential benefits. It is no secret that the slow workers’ compensation payments (that issue at a fraction of a person’s prior wages) may not be sufficient to cover an individual’s expenses. As a result, it may be a good idea to accept a Philadelphia workers’ compensation settlement to gain a quick influx of cash.

On the other hand, workers need to be aware of the ramifications of this decision. One of the key workers’ compensation benefits is the payment of medical expenses connected to the injury. Normally, while a claim is ongoing, an insurance company is liable to pay these costs. However, as soon as the case reaches a settlement, the worker is responsible for paying for their own medical care. It helps all employees to fully understand the effects of a settlement to determine if this course of action is right for them.

Discuss Workers’ Compensation Settlements in Philadelphia with an Attorney Today

Pursuing a workers’ compensation claim in Bustleton or South Philly does not need to be a lengthy process. If an employee and an insurance company can agree on how the injury occurred and the benefits an employee is entitled to, they may enter a settlement to end the claim. This can bring a quick, lump-sum cash payment to a worker and lessen the stress of continuing the claims process.

Even so, injured workers need to remain aware of the legal consequences of this action. A worker who accepts a settlement will never receive any additional payment from either an insurance company or an employer. Additionally, they will be liable to pay for their own medical treatment related to the injury. Still, workers’ compensation settlements in Philadelphia may be a solid option for people looking for a quick resolution to their claims. Reach out to the experienced attorneys of Gross & Kenny, LLP, to learn more.

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