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Workplace Safety in Philadelphia

Every person deserves the ability to pursue their career in a safe environment. While we typically think of workplace safety as something that only affects factory workers, the simple fact is that employees in any location can suffer workplace injuries or illnesses as a consequence of performing their jobs.

Employers have an obligation to provide a safe workspace in Philadelphia, South Philly, and Bustleton; their negligence, or failure to do so, could leave them directly liable for an employee’s injuries. Negligence can also serve as the basis for a personal injury lawsuit from an independent contractor following an incident. At Gross & Kenny, LLP, our committed attorneys are ready to provide more information about the obligations of employers concerning workplace safety in Philadelphia. Contact our team today to discuss your legal options with a seasoned lawyer.

Federal and Commonwealth Laws Demand that Workplaces are Safe

A collection of federal and Commonwealth laws define what steps employers in Bustleton and South Philly must take to keep their workers safe. At the federal level, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, oversees various federal regulations that impact employers working in various fields. Not only must employers follow these laws, but they must also keep appropriate records of incidents that impact the health of their workers.

Similar laws apply at the state level. The Commonwealth’s Department of Labor & Industry also covers a variety of work topics. Specifically, it enforces rules concerning the use of asbestos, boilers, elevators, and lead.

Contacting an attorney from Gross & Kenny, LLP, could help you better understand the general obligations of workplaces to protect their employees in Philadelphia. Our diligent lawyers are also prepared to investigate specific instances that led to injuries to determine if an employer violated federal or Commonwealth law.

How Workplace Safety Violations May Lead to Demands for Compensation

All employers have a duty to keep their workers safe while on the job. Commonwealth law requires employers to retain workers’ compensation insurance policies that cover all employees in almost every field of work. This means that whenever an employee suffers an injury or illness because of a lack of workplace safety, that employee can seek out benefits under these policies.

Workers’ compensation operates on a no-fault model. As a result, even if the incident is due to a worker’s own fault, they may collect compensation on a policy. Still, an employer’s failure to provide a safe workspace certainly leads to a higher frequency of these incidents.

A lack of workplace safety plays a larger role when a worker is an independent contractor. By law, these people do not enjoy protection under workers’ compensation policies. However, they can still collect compensation for their losses if they can show that an employer was negligent in allowing a dangerous situation to exist. Our Philadelphia attorneys are ready to perform full investigations into workplace safety in South Philly, Bustleton, and the surrounding areas to determine if an employer is to blame for a worker’s injuries.

Contact an Attorney for More Information about Workplace Safety in Philadelphia

Ensuring workplace safety should be a significant part of doing business in the Philadelphia area. Sadly, in the name of profit, many employers are ignorant of or choose to ignore their obligations under both federal and Commonwealth law. This leads to a higher frequency of workplace accidents that affect every part of workers’ lives.

These incidents can lead to demands for compensation. For employees, they can make claims under workers’ compensation policies. Even independent contractors can seek compensation if they can prove that a workplace accident was the result of their employer’s negligence. The aggressive lawyers of Gross & Kenny, LLP, are ready to explain the obligations of employers regarding workplace safety in Philadelphia. Contact our team today.

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Personal Injury Attorney Philadelphia | Gross & Kenny, LLP
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