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Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Philadelphia

A workplace injury may be one of the most overwhelming events a person might experience. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may be left unable to earn a living or pursue a new job. Thankfully, Commonwealth law requires almost every employer in South Philadelphia, Bustleton, and across the state to obtain workers’ compensation insurance that provides benefits in case of a workplace injury. These benefits can provide payments for the cost of medical treatment as well as income assistance for all time lost on the job.

If your workplace incident resulted in partial or permanent disability, a successful claim could bring payments for months or years into the future. Unfortunately, securing worker’s compensation benefits in Philadelphia can prove extremely difficult, especially without the help of a seasoned legal professional. A Workers’ Compensation attorney from Gross & Kenny, LLP, could guide you from start to finish of your claim and help you recover the benefits you deserve for your losses. Call today to learn more about what benefits may be available in your unique situation.

Medical Care is a Key Workers’ Compensation Benefit

Perhaps the most direct benefit that all Philadelphia workers’ compensation policies can provide is the payment for an injured employee’s medical care. No matter the extent of a worker’s injuries or what rehabilitative care they require, a policy must provide compensation to cover the costs of these treatments.

Under Commonwealth law, the employee can choose the provider they wish to receive treatment from prior to the payment of claim benefits. This choice is especially important since the doctor plays a dual role. Not only should that doctor provide treatment for as long as is necessary, but they also provide their opinion as to the effect of the injury on an employee’s ability to return to work. This plays an essential role in determining the remainder of the benefits package.

Receiving Payments for Time Missed at Work

The missed wage portion of a workers’ compensation benefits package comes in many forms. The most direct are payments that a worker receives for time missed at work in order to recover—these are called temporary partial disability benefits. Here, the worker receives payments at a rate of 66.66 percent of their average weekly wage for as long as 104 weeks of being unable to return to work, or until a doctor declares that they have made their maximum medical improvement.

However, many workers still suffer the effects of an injury despite making their best improvements. In this situation, permanent disability benefits are available. Employees in Bustleton and South Philadelphia who suffer from a condition that removes at least 35 percent of their working ability could receive permanent total disability benefits. These take the form of 66.66 percent weekly wages for the rest of the person’s presumed working life.

Finally, if an injury leaves a worker with a permanent injury, but they can return to work, they may receive permanent partial disability payments. These result from the loss of function in a limb, organ, or sense. As a result, workers’ compensation benefits in Philadelphia are a combination of current injuries and future expected losses.

An Attorney Could Help with Obtaining Full Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Philadelphia

Suffering a workplace injury can leave you in an extremely difficult financial situation. If you cannot work and make a living, you may be wondering how you will pay your bills and how to cover the costs of your medical treatment.

If you are a worker based in South Philly or Bustleton, a successful workers’ compensation claim could help bring you financial stability. Insurance policies must cover all medical treatment costs needed to bring the worker back to maximum medical improvement. In addition, a policy could provide cash benefits for all time lost on the job as well as payments for any permanent disability.

Workers’ compensation benefits in Philadelphia are a combination of medical care and cash payments. A successful claim could help keep you in a stable financial place while you recover. Speak with a dedicated attorney from our firm today to learn more.

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Personal Injury Attorney Philadelphia | Gross & Kenny, LLP
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