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Meeting with Insurance Companies During a Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Claim

All Workers’ Compensation claims in Philadelphia, South Philly, and Bustleton will flow through a Workers’ Compensation insurance company. These companies will investigate the cause of an illness or injury and decide whether they will provide benefits. These benefits can pay for your necessary medical care and provide partial wage reimbursement for all the time you lost on the job.

A natural part of this process includes having a meeting with insurance companies during a Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation claim. These meetings allow insurance companies to obtain more information about the incident and its impact on your life. There also might be opportunities to come to a negotiated settlement concerning the event. In this situation, having a knowledgeable attorney from Gross & Kenny, LLP by your can help keep the narrative under control and allow you to approach the negotiating table from a position of strength.

Why Do I Have to Meet With the Insurance Company?

Insurance companies in Bustleton and South Philadelphia have a duty under the law to fairly administer claims seeking benefits after workplace injuries. At the same time, they make their profits by collecting premiums from employers and denying claims whenever possible.

Calling an injured or sick Philadelphia worker into a meeting to discuss their Workers’ Compensation claim is one of the tactics that insurance companies use to obtain information that justifies a denial. Usually, the insurance company will record the meeting to use as future evidence in a potential dispute. Their goal is to uncover inconsistencies between your prior statements to your employer and what you say during a meeting.

Insurance companies may also use these meetings after a denial to try to bring the case to a settlement. Settlements allow injured workers to obtain lump sum payments if they suffer permanent injuries. Insurance companies can see these settlements as a way to avoid making costly payments for the foreseeable future. In both examples, it is helpful to have a skilled attorney from Gross & Kenny, LLP, by your side to help control the information that an insurance company receives.

How an Attorney Can Help in Meetings with Insurance Companies

The most important thing to remember about meetings with insurance companies during Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation claims is that they are for the sole benefit of the insurance companies. While insurance companies certainly have the right to insist upon having these meetings, the fact is that these sessions can only serve to hurt your claim.

Attending sessions with a lawyer can help you retain control over the situation. Our lawyers will help you prepare for difficult questions and object to irrelevant or inappropriate questions. An attorney from our firm can help redirect the questioning to help you remember key facts and avoid dangerous misunderstandings.

Our lawyers also help during meetings that occur for the purpose of coming to a settlement. If you are open to settling your South Philly or Bustleton Workers’ Compensation case, we can determine a fair value for your case and push for final settlements seeking the maximum possible compensation.

Need Help Meeting with Insurance Companies During a Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Claim? Call us.

Workers’ Compensation insurance companies in Bustleton and South Philly have the right to request that you meet with them. This is usually an attempt to obtain more information about the incident that caused your injury or illness. It may also be an attempt to get you to accept an offer for settlement for a permanent disability.

In both situations, having one of our diligent lawyers by your side can be helpful. At Gross & Kenny, LLP, our dedicated attorneys work to protect you against aggressive questioning and unfair settlement offers. Call now to learn more about how we can help in meetings with insurance companies during Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation claims.

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